Fall Planting

It’s fall (well almost) and that means it’s the perfect time for planting! Yes, really. We said planting! Spring is commonly thought of as the best time to get the hands dirty, but actually fall is the time to plant if you want to enjoy a beautiful, vibrant garden in the spring. Wouldn’t it be nice to just step outside in May and enjoy the fruits of your autumn labor?

There are many reasons fall is the perfect planting season. Here are a few:

1- It’s easier to see where to add plants
In the fall, when things aren’t in full bloom, it’s easier to see where there might be spaces in between plants. Maybe you want to fill an open spot, or add a pop of color in another. Being able to see the ground makes planting (and planning) a lot easier.

2- You can plant at a more relaxed pace
Planting in the spring means that plants need to get into the ground quickly. But in in the fall, you can let several weeks go by between purchasing and planting. You can enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon guilt free and pick up where you left off a week later.

3- There is less maintenance required
If you plant in the spring, you really have to keep up with watering, especially in the first few weeks. But in the fall, many plants will soak up what they need at the time of planting and then will be fine for months, unless there is a particularly dry winter.

4- Plants love cooler temperatures
Plants are happy in the autumn when cooler temperatures reduce demand for water from the roots, and when scorching sun isn’t burning their leaves. And happy plants mean beautiful flowers.

5- It gives your plants a head start on growth
Planting in the fall gives perennials a head start on growth. Root systems will start to grow as soon as the ground thaws, long before human hands can work the soil. An early start ensures that early-season flowers can really show off their blooms!

At New Beginnings Landscaping, we’ve been creating beautiful gardens for over 20 years. Call us today. Let us help you this fall to you transform your yard into the spring garden you’ve been dreaming of.

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